Enhancing the lives of children and families.


The Radcliffe Foundation supports a wide variety of local initiatives aimed at educating young people and helping people who face disadvantages. These initiatives include the Boys Club Network in Vancouver (which offers at-risk youth face-to-face mentorship); Frank Giustra Business Scholarships (which assist deserving students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business program at Douglas College); the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (offering after-school music education at no cost to under-served kids in Vancouver); and Queen Elizabeth Scholars (supporting young entrepreneurs, public servants, community leaders, and academics).





Radcliffe Foundation, IKEA Foundation, Libra Group and The Coca-Cola Company Announce €4 million in Seed Funding to Address Critical Needs of Refugees, and Disadvantaged Greeks

NEWS: Ascend, a new philanthropic initiative, was announced yesterday at the Concordia Europe Summit in Athens. Initial funding commitments include provision of humane shelter for displaced people with a focus on unaccompanied minors, community programming including provision of food, medical care, psycho-social services, and vocational training for refugees and Greeks struggling with the ongoing economic crisis.

Frank Giustra: Direct Impact Philanthropy

H&L Magazine: Sitting in the most amicable of dragon’s dens with panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains and bustling harbour from the 31st floor of his Fiore Group of Companies in Vancouver, CEO Frank Giustra is as down-to-earth as he is resolute. The 59-year-old billionaire philanthropist and businessman made his fortune transforming Yorkton Securities into a major force in the world of international mining finance for which he became president and later CEO; founded Lions Gate Entertainment in 1997, and is a major shareholder in Thunderbird Films. Giustra is passionate, pragmatic and opinionated.