It all starts with empowering lives.


The Radcliffe Foundation focuses on programs aimed at addressing and replacing the effects of poverty, such as homelessness, unemployment, and other associated conditions that create great human suffering, with sustainable economic and personal self-sufficiency.

In Vancouver, the Radcliffe Foundation was an inaugural supporter of Streetohome, the first successful initiative to bring together stakeholders from business, nonprofit organizations, and governments with citizens in order to collaboratively address the needs of the most marginalized people in the community: those living on the streets. Streetohome, in collaboration with all the stakeholders, was able to prompt a long-term plan to address homelessness, as well as create thousands of housing units for people without a home.

Through supporting the creation of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, Radcliffe has also sought to address chronic poverty in the developing world by creating sustainable social enterprises in agricultural supply chains, forging distribution chains for women entrepreneurs, and providing market-based skills training. People from disadvantaged communities who obtain gainful employment do not merely lift themselves out of poverty in a dignified way; they elevate entire communities.





Frank Giustra: Direct Impact Philanthropy

H&L Magazine: Sitting in the most amicable of dragon’s dens with panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains and bustling harbour from the 31st floor of his Fiore Group of Companies in Vancouver, CEO Frank Giustra is as down-to-earth as he is resolute. The 59-year-old billionaire philanthropist and businessman made his fortune transforming Yorkton Securities into a major force in the world of international mining finance for which he became president and later CEO; founded Lions Gate Entertainment in 1997, and is a major shareholder in Thunderbird Films. Giustra is passionate, pragmatic and opinionated.